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Difference between a 45 acp and a 45 gap

Difference Between a 45 ACP and a 45 Gap?

The 45 ACP and 45 Gap are both firearms, but they have some major differences. 45 ACP stands for 45 Automatic Colt Pistol, while 45 Gap is short for 45 Government – the caliber of ammo it shoots. It’s important to note that these guns can be used interchangeably, with a few exceptions. For example, … Read more

comparing a mini 14 and mini 30

Comparing a Mini 14 and Mini 30

In the first mini mini-14 vs. mini 30 posts, I talked about how there are many differences between these two rifles. The second mini mini-14 vs. mini 30 bar will be focusing on the benefits of both guns for different situations. The Mini 14 is an excellent weapon to use in close range and has … Read more

difference between dl2032 and cr2032

What Is The Difference Between DL2032 And CR2032?

If you are looking for a battery to use in your electronics, dl2032 vs. cr2032 might be a question that has come up. dl2032 and cr2033 batteries are both lithium-ion rechargeable cell batteries. Dl is short for “cell,” and 2032 stands for the weight of the battery in millimeters, which is 32mm. CR means “nickel-cadmium.” … Read more

difference between 556 and 308

What is the Difference Between 556 and 308?

Many people have heard 556 and 308 before. They are the most popular calibers for hunting rifles, but what is the difference between 556 vs 308? Five hundred fifty-six rounds are typically used in military rifles, while 308 games are for civilian use. Five hundred fifty-six rounds will inflict more damage on a target than … Read more

difference between 223 and 22

What is the difference between 223 and 22?

223 and 22 are a number that is often used in the military. 223 typically means 223 rounds of ammunition, while 22 usually refers to the type of rifle cartridges. 223 vs 22 can be a confusing topic for many people, but understanding these numbers will help you know some essential facts about guns and … Read more


What’s the difference between AG13 and LR44?

When it comes to purchasing batteries, ag13 and lr44 are two of the most popular options. Which one is best for you? To answer this question, we’ll first need to understand what each battery is used for. ag13s are typically used in smaller devices such as watches or remote control cars, while lr44s typically power … Read more

difference between 25 caliber and 22

What’s the Difference Between 25 Caliber and 22?

There are many popular calibers that shooters love to use, 25 calibers and 22 being at the top of the list. The difference between 25 calibers vs. 22 is primarily in their size. Twenty-five caliber rounds are much bigger than 22s, which means they will have more power behind them when shot out of a … Read more


What’s the Difference Between 40 and 45 Recoil?

What is 40 recoil? What is 45 recoil? 40 and 45 refer to the amount of force needed to push the slide back, which puts a round in the chamber. The 40 recoil refers to 40 pounds per square inch (PSI) or about ten kilograms-force per square centimeter (kg/cm). A 45 caliber weapon would need … Read more


Best Gun Safe under $100

The importance of a firearm for personal safety and security cannot be overemphasized. However, do you know that your life can be at risk with the same firearm that you bought for your protection? How? I would explain to you.  The fact is that an unsecured weapon can be fatal for you and your family … Read more


10 Differences between Tritium vs Fiber Optic Night Sights

Tritium and fiber optics are two types of night sights for guns. There are many differences between the two, so let’s look at some of them. Tritium sights have a radioactive material that emits light in the dark and the light is visible to our eyes. They are mainly used as backup sights for low-light … Read more