page title icon Broadsword VS. Longsword: What Is The Difference?

The broadsword and longsword are two different types of medieval swords. Broadswords were used by infantry, while broadswords were used by cavalry. Longswords typically had a longer blade and were often one-handed so that the user could carry a shield with the other hand. The broadsword is more durable than the long sword, but it has less reach, making it challenging to use for fighting against opponents wearing armor.

Some believe that broadswords may be used initially as tools rather than weapons such as cutting brush or clearing bushes before plowing fields in preparation for planting crops, but at some point, someone probably thought, “Hey, this feels pretty good.

Features Of Broadsword

1. Broadswords are typically between four and six feet in length

2. The blades of a broadsword were usually made from steel 

3. A typical broadsword weighs around 4 pounds

4. The blade is about 2 inches wide at the hilt but widens to 3 or 4 inches on the outer edge near the tip 

5. The handle of a broadsword was often as long as the blade itself, with room for both hands and sometimes even an extra hand for better control 

6. Some people believe that there was once a type of sword called “bastard” which had a blade longer than most other swords but shorter than authentic two-handed swords like greatswords (though this term may have been used to refer to any sword that wasn’t classified as either a dagger or smallsword)


1. Broadswords are powerful and can be used to fight off an attacker

2. They have a long blade which makes them great for slashing

3. A broadsword is lighter than other types of swords, so it’s easier to use in battle or practice

4. The handle on a broadsword is thicker than the handle on other types of swords, which gives you more control over your weapon 

5. Some people believe that they’re more elegant than other kinds of words because they don’t come with as many sharp edges 

6. You can also get a sword holder to hang your broadsword from the wall in a small space in your house.


1. Broadswords are heavy and difficult to use

2. They are not as versatile or practical in close-quarters combat

3. They require more training than other weapons, which means they’re less practical for self-defense

4. The blade is too long and can be unwieldy at times

5. You need a lot of room to swing the sword effectively, so you can’t use it indoors without getting hurt 

6. It’s hard to conceal them under clothing or in small places because of their size.

Features Of Longsword

1. The blade is usually diamond or lenticular shaped

2. The guard can be a simple crossguard, ring-guard, or quillons

3. A longsword may have one or two sharpened edges, and the grip can vary from straight to curved

4. Longswords were used in medieval times for fighting on foot with either one or both hands

5. Longswords are often classified by their length – “great” swords were over six feet in size, and “short” swords ranged from three to five feet in length 

6. Most longswords had a pommel at the end of the handle that could be used as a counterweight to provide momentum when swinging the sword


1. The longsword is a versatile weapon that can be used for both self-defense and offense

2. Longswords are easy to learn how to use and are not as expensive as other weapons like swords or knives

3. Longswords do not require any unique clothing, making them accessible for people of all ages 

4. A longsword is lighter than most other types of swords, making it easier to carry around with you when needed 

5. Historically speaking, the sword’s design has been popularized by medieval knights who were trained in using this style of weapon 

6. Swords have been used in movies such as Braveheart and Lord Of The Rings.


1. Longswords are challenging to use

2. They require a lot of physical strength

3. They can be cumbersome

4. You need a lot of space to wield one effectively 

5. The

 the blade may become dull over time, requiring frequent sharpening or replacement.

Is A Longsword Better Than A Broadsword?

Broadswords are heavier than longswords and require more training to use effectively, but broadsword enthusiasts say that they’re better for close-quarters combat because of the way their blades curve. They also have a wider reach with greater power behind each slash. However, some people believe that there were once broad swords called “bastard” which had a blade longer than most other swords but shorter than authentic two-handed swords like greatswords (though this term may have been used to refer to any sword that wasn’t classified as either a dagger or smallsword).

Longswords come in many shapes and sizes. One of the best features about them is how easily you can conceal them under clothing or inside small places. They often have a diamond or lenticular blade shape and come with different guards, such as a simple crossguard, ring guard, or quillons.

Is A Claymore A Broadsword?

A broadsword is a type of sword that has a double-edged blade and often comes with a crossguard. On the other hand, a claymore is an uncommon two-handed Scottish broadsword that was traditionally used from horseback or while fighting in close quarters. This term may have been applied to any long medieval sword but does not refer only to those broadswords which measure over six feet in length.

Is Greatsword The Best Weapon MHW?

The Greatsword is likely the best weapon in Monster Hunter: World. It does not require any unique clothing to use, and it’s light enough for you to carry around with you when needed. Greatswords have a broad blade that can be used either as an offensive or defensive weapon depending on which stance you’re using at the time, making them versatile fighters that are difficult to master but well worth learning how to wield if possible properly.

The longsword may also be considered one of the better weapons because they don’t require much training–you need someone who knows what they’re doing to show you how it’s done! Longswords come in many shapes and sizes, so there will always be something available for your needs, no matter what they may be. The broadsword is an excellent weapon to have if you’re more interested in the power and strength behind your swings, while the longsword offers versatility that other weapons of its type can’t match.

One thing we know for sure: Greatswords are fantastic! They come with both broadness and length, which means they’re perfect for fighting off monsters at close or ranged distances, making them one of our favorite weapons in MHW so far!

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