page title icon Does Walmart sell hunting licenses?

No, Walmart does not sell hunting license.

However, they issue hunting and fishing licenses. The licenses being issued are being resold by Walmart since these licenses were originally gotten from the States. 

The requirement for getting the license issued to you is that you must show your federal or state identification card or a valid driver’s license. 

Walmart has got hundreds of stores in every state. Just walk in and head for the Sports Goods Department. It is the most convenient way to get your hunting or fishing license. 

Hunting Licenses

Why A Hunting License Is Important 

You may be asking yourself if a hunting license is necessary in the first place. Yes, it is necessary and here are the reasons why you need to get one.

1. Obtaining a hunting license means you have been trained and have the hunting skills. It also means you will not deploy reckless tactics that might hurt the animals or habitat.   

2. You need a hunting license to have the required tools and weapons needed for hunting. The tools and weapons won’t be sold to you if you don’t show a hunting license. 

3. Some amount of money is paid to have a hunting license. This money is used for research and the protection of animals.

4. The money is also used for the training of hunters so that they can know what to do with their hunting skills

5. Having a hunting license saves you from unnecessary legal suits

A Summary Of The Average Cost For Getting A Hunting License At Walmart

101Hunting for Residents$25
102Hunting for Senior Residents$7
105Non-Resident Hunting$315
106Resident Trapping License$19

How Much Does Walmart Issue A Hunting License Based On Different Locations?

The cost of a hunting license is not the same. So, the cost would depend on the store you want to go and get the license issued to you. Below are the costs based on different Walmart locations. 

1. Walmart In Mississippi – In Mississippi, the sportsman license is issued for $47.50. This includes a turkey license alongside the use of archery or a crossbow. On the other hand, if you just need a turkey permit, it costs less than $10. The combination of trapping and hunting licenses go for $27.

2. Walmart In Kansas – Residents who are seniors can get a hunting license for just $15. To obtain licenses for both hunting and fishing, it will cost $25 while a lifetime license is going for $42.50 to get all the licenses. For nonresidents, it costs $97.50 for a hunting license. For people who are younger than 16 years of age, they will have to pay $42.50 while a combination of both hunting and fishing license will go for $137.50. 

3. Walmart In Texas – The standard hunting license for residents go for $25 while the combo goes for $68. For senior residents, the cost is just $7. Nonresidents pay between $126 and $315. However, it is just $27 if you want bird hunting licenses. It is $7 for youth hunters while the younger ones can be accompanied by an adult that already has a hunting license. 

4. Walmart In Florida – In Florida, the annual hunting license goes for $17. If you want to hunt for more than a year, you can go for a 5-year license for $79. Freshwater fishing plus hunting licenses cost $32.50. A hunting license including freshwater and salt fishing goes for $48. For Resident 64 Sportsman’s license which comprises the usage of crossbow and gun for animals such as fowl and deer with wildlife management, the cost is less than $13.50

Additional Cost

Many hunters worry about the extra charges that come with getting a hunting license. However, obtaining a hunting license does not come with extra charges. Taxes are already built into the cost of the hunting licenses. But your licenses would need holders which cost just $2.50. You will also need to pay for a Gryphon night vision holder that is sold for $130.

Endorsements Plus Permits

In addition to your regular hunting licenses, there is also the need to obtain endorsements and permits to hunt wild animals. You will get deer permits for an annual cost of $5. Forbear permits, it can cost as much as $100. For residents, a turkey permit is $10 while it $125 for non-residents.

Trapping Licenses

Some people need trapping licenses along with a hunting license. This costs $27.50 for residents while it is $210 for non-residents.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What Do I Need To Bring Along To Get My Hunting License Issued?

Answer: All you need is an ID card or a driver’s license. It doesn’t matter whether you are a resident or not.

2. Do I Need To Show Proof Of State Residency To Obtain A Hunting License?

Answer: Yes, you need to show proof of residency alongside your ID card.

3. Can A Fishing License Be Issued At Walmart?

Answer: Yes, fishing licenses are issued at Walmart stores. The cost will depend on the type of license you want to obtain. It is either you want 24 hours, a license for some days or a year license.  

4. Where Do I Go When I Get To Walmart To Obtain A Hunting License?

Answer: Once you get to Walmart, go straight to the Sporting Goods Department. They are trained to issue licenses.

5. Does Walmart Issue A Lifetime Fishing License?

Answer: Yes, you can get a lifetime fishing license at Walmart.



Walmart makes the obtaining of a hunting license super easy. You can also find a Walmart store near you no matter your location. Always get your hunting license ready anytime the hunting season is coming up. This allows you to get prepared by getting the required weapons for hunting. Also, ensure that the licenses are not used for other purposes since there will be consequences for misuse or abuse. So, go to your nearest Walmart outlet and get your hunting license with ease.      

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