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Buckshot is effective for deer hunting. But the effectiveness will depend on how close the deer is. 

The use of buckshot is more effective if you have a running deer. And the target of the buckshot is another. It is most effective if the deer’s heart or lungs are targeted. 


Hunting With Buckshot: The Ethical Obligation 

Hunting a deer with buckshot can also be ineffective due to some ethical obligation. For instance, the animal you are hunting has to be killed humanely. This puts the hunter in a tight corner.

The Hunter Is Constrained By The Following:

1. The distance between him and the deer must be reasonable so that the deer can be killed pretty quickly. 

2. The hunting has to be done within the limitations of the applicable laws in the state where the hunter resides, the type of weapon being used such as a shotgun, and also the ammunition being used. 

How To Hunt A Deer With Buckshot

When used the right way, you can hunt a deer with a buckshot. Firstly, you have to know the trick to judge the range you are shooting from without the use of a device called the range finder. If you can see the eye of the deer from wherever you are, you are likely within 50 yards.

The thing is the shell you are using on the gun. A 12 gauge shotgun that is well loaded with buckshot can make a difference. Heavy loads of #1 buck or #000 buck will be another option. The most important thing is how the gun and choke cope with the load. You have to take some test shots to find out. Understand that the brand of the shell for the hunting must be of top-quality. A Winchester brand loaded having 50 buckshot is highly recommended. 

Police and hunting guns are not the same. This is why patterning is very critical. If you have different shells from different brands, you have to do test patterning to find out which angle gives you the best result. Do a 25-yard and then, a 50-yard. A tight pattern will work with all shots. All of these take out the guesswork. 

Taking cryogenics into consideration is also important. Cryogenics is how low temperatures affect the effect of the gun. Using a standard Remington barrel with the right buckshot won’t be bad when cryogenics is considered. Doing trial and error with different guns won’t be pleasurable. 

Types Of Buckshot Based On Their Sizes

As the interest to own a shotgun for self-defence, 3-gun competition and tactical application increases, loading the guns with buckshot are also back into the limelight. Until recently, the interest in buckshot was dying off. Some states still allow the use of buckshot to hunt deer. Before you buy different packs of buckshot for your guns, below are the different sizes of buckshot you can find at the stores.

Buckshot Sizes

#4 Buck, #3 Buck, #2 Buck, #1 Buck, #0 Buck, #00 Buck and #000 Buck are the standard sizes for buckshot. Before the “hashtag” sign was added, the “#” symbol used to signify number. So, the terminology associated with sizes 4 to 1 is identified as “No. 4 Buck”. This differentiates it from “No. 4 birdshot” which was usually referred to as “fours” or “4 shot”.

It is quite different when you come to zeroes. The zero is known as “ought” which means “#0 Buck” is a “single ought buck”. The “#00 Buck” is a “double ought buck” while the “#000 Buck” is a “triple ought buck”.   

Is There Any Difference Between A Hunting Rifle And Shotgun Loaded With Buckshot?

There is a great difference between the two. 

One advantage of the hunting rifle is its accuracy when it comes to shooting at long ranges. It can hit its target at even 1,000 yards or even beyond. Even hunters who hardly practice can hit their target at 100 or 300 yards under the right conditions.

The disadvantage of the shotguns, even when loaded with slugs, is that you cannot hit your target even if you are shooting at 80 or 100 yards. It is easy to hit a medium-sized target with a few of the newest shotguns with slugs if you are a good shooter.

The advantage of using a shotgun is that it is very good at short ranges. At 30 or 50 yards, it is capable of doing anything a hunting rifle can do if it is loaded with the right type of shotgun shells. If you have a three and a half 12 gauge loaded with buckshot or slugs, it has a lot of muzzled energy when compared to a 30 calibre rifle 

Another great advantage is that slugs don’t travel far. So, they can hit the target the hardest at very close range.   

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. At What Distance Can Buckshot Kill A Deer?

Answer: Buckshot can kill a deer at 30 to 50 yards. It depends on the load and gun. You can even kill a deer at a farther distance.

2. What Is The Best Buckshot Ideal For Deer Hunting?

Answer: There are 3 best options to choose from. They are:

1. Winchester Super-X Buckshot Shotshells
2. Hornady 12GA 2 3/4” 00 Buckshot Critical Defense Ammunition
3. Hornady Lead Buckshot 

3. How Do You Aim A Target When Using Buckshot?

Answer: The best place to aim is where the neck connects the shoulder. You can also aim at the heart or lungs. Always shoot with a decent shot spread to aim right the first time.

4. How Many Pellets Are Available In The #00 Buckshot?

Answer: The #00 buckshot has 9 pallets


Hunting a deer with buckshot is effective depending on the gun type and range. If you are using a shotgun, make sure that the range is not more than 50 yards if you want to hit your target. However, if you are using a hunting rifle, you can shoot at a distance of more than 50 yards.   

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