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Over time, the deposits of copper fouling in the bore can affect the accuracy of any firearm. To eliminate this, it is important to clean the bore of the gun frequently. This is vital especially if you use the firearm regularly. 

There are plenty of products on the market for bore cleaning. They include copper cleaning solvent and foaming bore cleaner to mention but a few. Like many gun owners, you must also be concerned about copper fouling.

In this post, we have reviewed some of the best bore cleaners for the removal of copper fouling and other contaminants. We hope our review will help you make the right choice. 

What Are The Best Bore Cleaners?

We have selected the 10 Best Bore Cleaners with a quick summary of each of the product’s features. Check each of the products and choose one that will adequately meet your needs.

Best Overall – No products found.

Deep penetration, very potent, ease of use

Best For Reliability – Bore Tech Cu+2 Copper Remover

Ammonia-free, odour-free and biodegradable 

Best For All Firearms – Pro-Shot 8-Ounce Copper Solvent IV

Prevents rust, environmentally safe, harmless to barrel 

Best For Ease Of Use Mossy Oak Gun Oil 

Spray nozzle, safe to use, light smell 

Best For Corrosion Protection – Shooter’s Choice MC#7 Bore Cleaner 

Heavy-duty, non-toxic, odourless

Best For Affordability – M-Pro 7 LPX Gun Oil

Affordable, needle applicator, environmentally-friendly,  

Best For Rifles – Pro-Shot Needle Oiler Gun Cleaner 

Extends barrel’s life, no spills, no mess

Best For The Money – Sweets 7.62 Solvent

Contains 5% ammonia, fast action, harmless to steel 

Best For Versatility – Kano Kroil Penetrating Oil Bore Cleaning Solvent 

Cleans barrel, dissolves rust, no expiration date 

Best For Effectiveness IOSSO 10215 Bore Cleaner 

No spill, highly concentrated, no odour 

Best Bore Cleaner – Comparison Chart 

The table below gives you a summary of the important information you need in this review. It includes weight, dimension and weight. 

Best Bore CleanerBest for what?QuantityWeight Dimension
No products found.Best Overall1 quart bottle1.85 pounds9 x 4.5 x 9 inches
Bore Tech Cu+2 Copper RemoverBest for reliability16 oz 1 pounds8.4 x 2.4 x 1.5 inches
Pro Shot 8-Ounce Copper Solvent IVBest for all firearms237 ml  8 ouncesNot stated
Mossy Oak Gun OilBest for ease of use8.6 ounces10.55 x 2.25 x 3.25 inches
Shooter’s Choice MC#7 Bore CleanerBest for corrosion protection120 ml4 ounces5.16 x 1.65 x 1.54 inches
M-Pro 7 LPX Gun OilBest for affordability1 oz0.8 ounces5.16 x 1.65 x 1.54 inches
Pro-Shot Needle Oiler Gun CleanerBest for rifles2 oz3.2  pounds5.16 x 1.65 x 1.54 inches
Sweets 7.62 SolventBest for the money200 ml8 ounces5.25 x 2 x 2 inches
Kano Kroil Penetrating Oil Bore Cleaning SolventBest for versatility230 ml8 ounces3 x 1.25 x 5.5 inches
IOSSO 10215 Bore CleanerBest for effectiveness1.5 oz2.08 pounds7.6 x 3.94 x 0.98 inches

1. HOPPE’S No.9 Gun Bore Cleaner 


1. Made with child protection cap

2. Penetrates rapidly and deeply inside 

3. Extremely potent 

4. Safe to use 

5. Tested and trusted since 1903

Product Specs

1. Weight – 1.85 pounds

2. Quantity – 1-quart bottle 

3. Type – cleaner 

4. Dimensions – 9 x 4.5 x 9 inches 

5. Suitable – For all firearms 


1. Ideal for all firearms 

2. Improves gun accuracy

3. Prevents metal rust 

4. Gently removes copper fouling, carbon and powder residue

5. Reasonably priced


1. The absence of an applicator nozzle 

2. The brush is not included

3. Strong smell 

No matter the type of firearm that you have, No.9 will clean it effectively. It is not only for bore cleaning, it is also for general gun-cleaning. It removes fouling to prevent wear and tear to your firearm. The formula helps to clean and prevent carbon and lead buildup that may affect the accuracy of your gun.

It is a universal bore cleaner that gets the job done and keeps your firearm in excellent condition. Using the solution means your firearm will give you a lifetime of top performance. 

No.9 is the favourite bore cleaner for many firearm owners since 1903. The formula has a deep and rapid penetration to keep your firearm free from rust, lead, powder and metal fouling. It is the most potent gun-cleaning solvent and validated by many shooters and hunters. 

The best part is that it comes in a big bottle at a reasonable price that won’t put a hole in your pocket. 

2. Bore Tech Cu+2 Copper Remover


1. 100% ammonia-free and barrel-safe 

2. Breaks down copper fouling

3. Removes other types of contaminants  

4. Odour-free and biodegradable 

5. Prevents rust  

Product Specs

1. Weight – 1 pound

2. Quantity – 16 oz 

3. Type – cleaner 

4. Dimensions – 8.4 x 2.4 x 1.5 inches

5. Suitable – For bore and all firearm moving parts 


1. Toxic-free 

2. Improves the performance of firearms 

3. Perfect for bore cleaning and other parts

4. Easy to use

5. Non-ammonia based 


1. A bit pricey than other gun cleaners

Bore Tech Cu+2 Copper Remover is an odour-free and biodegradable solution for the cleaning of the bore, removal of copper, carbon and other impediments that could affect the functionality of your firearm. The chemical technology removes copper fouling rapidly and it is 100% barrel-safe. 

The formulation also prevents rust that could affect the performance of your firearm. It removes copper fouling pretty fast than many of the conventional ammonia-based cleaners. 

The chemical is not toxic and harmful making it safe and easy to use. After the application of the solution, you can allow it to dry out and it won’t harm your barrel. 

This is a speciality bore cleaner. The chemical can be soaked in the bore for a long period. It is a formula that is trusted by many shooters. The best part is that it works great for different types of firearms.  

3. Pro-Shot 8-Ounce Copper Solvent IV


1. Made in the USA

2. No offensive odour

3. Inhibits rust and corrosion 

4. Not ammonia-based 

5. Makes your barrel fouling-free   

Product Specs

1. Weight – 8 oz

2. Quantity – 237 ml  

3. Type – Liquid 

4. Dimensions – Not stated 

5. Suitable – For bore and general firearm cleaning  


1. Harmless to the barrel 

2. Environmentally-safe 

3. Safe to use

4. Removes heavy copper 

5. Effective and strong 


1. Not suitable for all types of firearms 

If you are looking for a bore cleaner that is not ammonia-based, the Pro-Shot 8-Ounce Copper Solvent IV is highly recommended. This makes it healthier and environmentally safe than ammonia-based solvents. It doesn’t have an offensive odour. The formula serves as a rust and corrosion inhibitor.

It is made with an innovative formula that makes use of activated positively charged ions which is known to have a great affinity for copper and its oxides. 

The solution has been tested widely and works perfectly to thoroughly clean your barrel which, in turn, improves the performance of your firearm. It has a superior cleaning power devoid of copper and powder fouling. 

The copper solvent bonds well to release copper from the surface of the gun’s bore. It is manufactured in the USA. 

4. Mossy Oak Gun Oil 


1. Comes in a spray bottle 

2. Made with a spray nozzle 

3. All-in-one gun cleaning solution 

4. Safe on gun parts 

5. Made in the USA

Product Specs

1. Weight – 8.6 ounces 

2. Quantity – Not available    

3. Type – Spray 

4. Dimensions – 10.55 x 2.25 x 3.25 inches

5. Suitable – For any metal or firearm 


1. Performs well in extreme weather conditions 

2. Lubricates all moving parts efficiently

3. Light smell

4. Easy to use

5. Prevents rust  


1. Spray nozzle performance may reduce overtime 

The Mossy Oak Gun Oil is an all-in-one gun cleaning solution that greatly improves the performance of your firearm. It is a cleaner, lubricant and protectant. The product is safe to use and it doesn’t affect polymers, camo coatings, wood stocks and plastics. It does an excellent job at removing copper fouling, oils, lead, dirt and other contaminants from your weapons. 

The solution lubricates all the moving parts of the firearm and prevents rust too. It is suitable for all-weather which means it won’t run or freeze no matter how low or high the temperature is. It serves as a bore cleaner, lubricating oil and rust protectant. 

Applying the Mossy Oak Gun Oil means your weapon will always run better. You will see noticeable results immediately after using the formula. It comes with a spray nozzle that makes it extremely easy to use. The nozzle prevents the spilling of oil from the bottle.

It smells but not strong enough to make you feel uncomfortable. The product is made in the USA. 

5. M-Pro 7 LPX Gun Oil 4 oz


1. Heavy-duty gun oil with great staying power

2. Ammonia-free

3. Made with no hazardous ingredients 

4. Environmentally-friendly 

5. Odourless, non-toxic and biodegradable 

Product Specs

1. Weight – 4 oz

2. Quantity – 120 ml  

3. Type – oil/cleaner 

4. Dimensions – 5.16 x 1.65 x 1.54 inches

5. Suitable – For any metal or firearm 


1. Works fast

2. Provides long-term protection

3. Prevents moisture, sand and humidity

4. Repels dirt and dust

5. Heavy-duty  


1. Smells a bit  

The M-Pro 7 LPX is known as the gun oil for the pros. It is an exceptional gun oil for the optimal performance of your firearm. It is formulated with a distinctive technology that is resistant to gumming, evaporation and separation. 

The solution leaves a long-lasting film that wards off dust or dirt. This is a product that ensures the best possible protection against moisture, humidity, wear and saltwater. This makes it perfect for long gun storage 

It is suitable for any type of firearm including service pistols. The gun oil is a combination of LPX additives and quality synthetic oils. The M-Pro 7 LPX is the right replacement for all gun oils since it can clean, lubricate and protect. Made with fast-working ingredients, cleaning with M-Pro can drastically cut down on maintenance time. 

Though this is an ammonia-free formula it works better than most ammonia-based cleaners. The product has no pungent odour. It is biodegradable and non-toxic.     

6. Pro-Shot Needle Oiler Gun Cleaner 


1. All-in-one lubricating oil and cleaner 

2. Made in the USA

3. Non-hazardous formula

4. Able to reach difficult areas

5. Great for all moving parts  

Product Specs

1. Weight – 0.8 ounces

2. Quantity – 1 oz  

3. Type – needle oil 

4. Dimensions – 5.16 x 1.65 x 1.54 inches

5. Suitable – For all moving parts  


1. Easily cleans buildups and residues  

2. Environmentally-friendly formula

3. Guards against rust and corrosion

4. Easy to use with needle applicator

5. Extremely affordable     


1. May cause little friction 

The Needle Oiler from Pro-Shot is a wonderful gun cleaning solution specifically designed for hard-to-reach areas. It can be used to clean the bore and eliminate contaminants that prevent the gun from performing optimally. It is a needle oiler that can reach all corners of your weapon. This is one of the most convenient and less wasteful oil guns. It can clean all rust with a combination of preventative additives, antioxidants and a premium synthetic base. 

It is perfect for the cleaning of all moving parts and provides your weapon with superior protection and performance. The formula has got zero friction and is formulated for extreme pressure. It performs creditably well in extreme cold or hot temperatures. This solution is anti-wear, anti-oxidant and prevents rust. 

It comes with a needle applicator and cap for ease of use. You can use it to treat cylinders, chambers, barrels, bores and many more. It removes plastic, lead, powder, primer residue and copper to make gun bores work as they should. For the best result, apply the oil and leave it for 15 minutes. Then, run a brush through for superior clean up. The needle oil is made in the USA. 

7. Shooter’s Choice MC#7 Bore Cleaner 


1. Strong and effective formula  

2. Made in a squeeze bottle 

3. Quality product

4. Prolongs barrel life 

5. Removes contaminants without causing barrel damage 

Product Specs

1. Weight – 3.2 ounces

2. Quantity – 2 oz  

3. Type – cleaner  

4. Dimensions – 1 x 1 x 1 inches

5. Suitable – For all firearm parts   


1. Speeds up the cleaning process

2. Perfect for the cleaning of all gun parts 

3. Maintains the accuracy of your firearm 

4. Safe, quick and easy to use 

5. No mess; no spill 


1. Not ideal for stainless steel barrels 

2. Strong odour 

The Shooter’s Choice MC#7 Bore Cleaner is a well concentrated solvent used for firearm’s conditioning and cleaning. It is perfect for handguns, shotguns and rifles. The solution is safe and super easy to use. This is a formula that conditions the bore of the firearm for great accuracy at the first shot. It is made in a plastic squeeze bottle with an applicator spout to reduce mess and spill. 

The solvent helps the bore to resist the buildup of fouling. It guarantees the accuracy of old firearms; sustains the accuracy of new firearms and prolongs the life of barrels. It is non-abrasive and causes no harm to the gun’s bore surface.

The solution does a good job removing powder, carbon, fouling, copper, and lead. It works faster and thoroughly than other formulations. It is a strong solvent that cleans so well. You can use it to clean all gun parts. The solution is made in the USA. 

8. Sweets 7.62 Solvent


1. Fast-action on copper

2. Harmless to steel

3. Dissolves baked-in carbon in a difficult-to-reach area 

4. Strong formulation

5. Made with 5% ammonia  

Product Specs

1. Weight – 8 ounces

2. Quantity – 200 ml  

3. Type – cleaner 

4. Dimensions – 5.25 x 2 x 2 inches

5. Suitable – For all firearm parts   


1. Effective and potent solvent 

2. Tough on copper and other contaminants 

3. Improve firearm performance after cleaning

4. Non-abrasive solution

5. Rust-preventative formula 


1. The odour is quite strong

2. It may be harmful to plastic 

The Sweets 7.62 Solvent is one of the most powerful and effective copper solvents available on the market. It contains just 5% of ammonia for increased effectiveness. The formula removes copper fouling, plastic deposits and lead from the bore to improve the shooting accuracy of your firearm. It is a non-abrasive solution with an excellent foaming action that helps dissolve baked-in powder residue and carbon in the rifle chamber throats.

Using the Sweets 7.62 Solvent will save your gun’s bore from stubborn and heavy fouling in the long run. It is harmless to steel and protects the barrel from rust. 

Follow the directions for proper use. Don’t leave the solvent in the bore for 15 minutes before patching it out. Apply it twice for visible results. After the application, apply some gun oil to condition the bore. 

9. Kano Kroil Penetrating Oil Bore Cleaning Solvent 


1. Reduces surface tension

2. Penetrates swiftly 

3. Ideal for firearms and types of machinery 

4. Works well on frozen metal parts 

5. Keeps barrels clean   

Product Specs

1. Weight – 8 ounces

2. Quantity – 230 ml  

3. Type – oil   

4. Dimensions – 3 x 1.25 x 5.5 inches

5. Suitable – For firearm and machinery 


1. Dissolves rust 

2. No expiration date 

3. Works well on firearms 

4. Easy to use

5. Very effective


1. Spills are possible 

2. The nozzle can distribute too many contents 

This is a solvent for bore cleaning and also an oil that penetrates deep to remove stubborn metal corrosion. It goes deep into the metal components to eradicate bonds that have accumulated over the years due to rust and dried grease. It is used by many shooters who love accurate shots to keep their barrels clean at all times.

Kano Kroil Penetrating Oil penetrates deep to give you visible results. Its quick-action loosens rusted nuts and bolts for thorough cleaning and lubrication of metal parts. It dissolves dried grease, gum and oil without affecting the metal. Apart from firearms, it is also perfect for machineries like tractors, mowers and automobiles. 

The formula displaces water to lubricate firearms effectively. For precise application, it comes with a convenient spout to reduce spill and waste. It doesn’t gum, harden or expire.  

10. IOSSO 10215 Bore Cleaner 


1. Non-corrosive and non-flammable

2. No odour or mists 

3. Environmentally-friendly 

4. Highly concentrated 

5. No spills   

Product Specs

1. Weight – 2.08 ounces

2. Quantity – 1.5 oz  

3. Type – paste  

4. Dimensions – 7.6 x 3.94 x 0.98 inches

5. Suitable – For rifle barrels  


1. Very affordable 

2. Easy to apply 

3. 100% complete cleaning 

4. Removes contaminants with ease

5. Causes no harm to the metal 


1. None 

This is a unique gun cleaner made in a paste. It is non-corrosive and non-flammable. It quickly removes contaminants like carbon burn, plastic wad residue, copper, powder fouling and lead from the bore without harming metal or stock finish. 

There are no mists or offensive odour. This makes it safe to use.

It is recommended that you use the solution with Eliminator Triple Action Oil Solution or Eliminator Brushes for complete and superior cleaning.

The solvent is environmentally friendly since it is made from plant extracts. The IOSSO 10215 Bore Cleaner cleans the barrel so well to improve the accuracy of your gunshots.

Best Bore Cleaner Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the best bore cleaner is not like entering a grocery store. There are factors you must consider before purchasing a gun cleaning solvent. Here are some of the considerations you have to look out for when choosing a bore cleaner.

1. Odour – Many of the ammonia-based solvents have a very pungent odour that is nose-burning. As such, if you will be using the solvent indoor, ensure that you choose a non-toxic gun cleaning solvent. These types of solvents don’t produce an offensive odour that is irritating to the nose.

2. How fast does it start to work? – A bore cleaner should not take long to start working. It should start working almost immediately. However, some bore cleaners start within a few minutes while some others take more time. If you are not interested in cleaning, you should go for a solvent that starts working within a short time. 

3. Can it be harmful to the barrel? – This is an important question you may need to ask before purchasing a bore cleaner. Some ammonia-based gun cleaning solvents are harmful to the barrel. Such solvents can also damage the barrel. Do you want to soak the solvent in the bore or you don’t have time to dry the bore? Then, go for an ammonia-free bore cleaner.  

4. Versatility – Some gun cleaning solvents are versatile. Such solvents can clean, lubricate and protect your firearm from contaminants like copper, rust, lead, etc. Using a versatile product means you won’t have to buy a different oil or lubricant. This saves you some money in the long run. 

5. Compatibility – How compatible is the solvent with your firearm? This is a question you must have at the back of your mind. Not all bore cleaners are good for all firearms. This is why you must find out the compatibility of the product with your type of firearm. If not, you may get your firearm damaged. 

6. Capacity – What is the capacity of the bore cleaner that you want to buy? This is another germane question. If you have more than one gun, you will need enough cleaner to clean all the guns. A small bottle of gun cleaner may last for some months if you are cleaning just a gun. But you will need more quantity if you clean often.  

7. Brands – Some well-known brands have been in the business of producing gun cleaning solvents for many years. Some of them are Hoppe’s M-Pro 7, Pro-Shoot and a host of others. You must understand that choosing a brand doesn’t mean the solvent will work for your firearm. Only choose a brand that is suitable for your type of firearm. 

8. Ease of use – How easy is it to use the product? This is another important consideration. For ease of use, ensure that the bore cleaner comes with a nozzle for precise application. This eliminates the possibility of a spill. 

9. Cost – Of course, the cost of the gun cleaning solvent should be an important factor. In general, bore cleaners are not expensive but it makes sense to compare prices before making a choice. If you can find a bore cleaner that performs well at a cheaper price compared to the others, you can go for that product. 

Types Of Gun Cleaning Solvents 

There are different types of gun cleaning solvents. Here are some of them so you can choose the one that is perfect for you.

1. Liquid – Lead, copper and carbon are left behind after firing a few shots. Choosing a cleaner that is made to remove these contaminants is a big advantage. This means you don’t have to purchase many solvents to get the job done. A liquid cleaner can be applied on a patch or brush before it can be used to clean the bore of the firearm. One big issue with liquid is that it can get spilt easily. So, choose a liquid cleaner with a nozzle to control the pouring of the liquid.

2. Foaming – Foaming solvents are a lot easier to apply compared to liquid. They usually come with pumps. The pump dispenses the solvent more thinly and consistently in comparison to liquid solvents. With the pump, you can penetrate the moving parts and other difficult-to-reach parts of the firearm.

3. Aerosol – These are sprays. They are better than foaming and liquid solvents. The problem with aerosol solvent is that it can get wasted easily if you are not careful. It does a good job of removing contaminants. It is water-like and this makes it easy to penetrate every part of the firearm.

4. CLP cleaners – CLP means clean, lubricate, and protect. This type of solvent helps to prevent corrosion; lubricates the parts and removes other contaminants. It is mostly suitable for older or dirty guns. CLP is a non-greasy solvent that also prevents rust. It serves as a quick fix whenever the gun is not performing well.  

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is There Anything Like The Over-Cleaning Of A Gun?

Answer: There is nothing like that. You cannot over-clean a gun if you are using the right type of solvent, brush, and patches. 

2. Can Rubbing Alcohol Be Used To Clean A Gun?

Answer: Yes, it can be used but can cause damage to your firearm.

3. How Often Should I Clean My Firearm? 

Answer: This would depend on the type of firearm and the person using it. But it is recommended that you clean your firearm after every shooting. Metal debris always falls into the barrel after every shooting. This is why constant cleaning is required. If the gun is not cleaned, it attracts moisture and rust over time.  

4. What Happens If I Don’t Clean My Firearm Regularly? 

Answer: If you don’t clean it regularly, it won’t function optimally. Your shots won’t be accurate. 

5. What Is Copper Fouling? 

Answer: Copper fouling is a piece of metal that is deposited in the barrel when a shot is fired. It gathers over time and affects the accuracy of the firearm. When the bore is properly cleaned, it will come out in a bluish colour. Copper fouling causes moisture that leads to the rust of your firearm.  

6. Are Gun Cleaning Solvents Toxic? 

Answer: Yes, some solvents contain chemicals that can be harmful to the skin or harmful when ingested. Ensure that the solvent is stored out of the reach of children and must be used in a well-ventilated area.  

My Top Picks  

Our top pick is the HOPPE’S No.9 Gun Bore Cleaner because it is safe and effective. It removes copper fouling and loosen-up abrasive debris. The product is loved by many gun owners since it has been in existence since 1903. Another product is the Bore Tech Cu+2 Copper Remover. Any of the two products will do a good job at cleaning your gun bore satisfactorily. 

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